With an MBA from UC Berkley and honored as a Top 25 Thought Leader by CPA Practice Advisor, Leslie Shiner is a humorous, knowledgeable, and passionate speaker.

"Using Psychology 101 to Build Your Business", Leslie Shiner, MBA

You are not crazy and neither are your clients – or at least most of them aren’t. But you can use psychological principles to better understand the needs of your clients and help them understand their need for your services. Exploring concepts such as perception, cognition, attention and motivation can help you build your business. Find ways to improve interpersonal relationships to improve your own profits. We will discuss the difference between internal and external motivators and how to use these motivators grow your practice. Understanding the Accounting Hierarchy of Needs can help you help your clients create a well-run profitable business. Learn to integrate other psychological principles in your business, such as intermittent and continuous reinforcement, operant conditioning and more.

"The 7 Minute Conversation Every Client Needs to Have Every Month"

- Mike Milan, MBA

In one hour, you will learn a technique to convert any client, including that “once a year” tax client, into a regular monthly or quarterly advisory engagement. No business owner wants to devote the hours it used to take to understand their businesses financial metrics. But all of them can benefit from seeing their business through the eyes of the financials a few minutes per month. During breakfast, I’ll show you how after just one conversation, any small business owner will want to have you on their financial management team.


"Planning and Focus - The Real Keys to Success" - Seth David

By applying a simple system, based on strong core fundamentals, I have been able to navigate my company, once again, creating something out of nothing. This is a system that works. I am going to show you a plan, and give you the template for how to do it yourself. This is a Wall St. CFO approach to creating a solid plan for a small business.

We’ll be using Google Sheets, and Google Chrome to:

  • Make the plan.

  • Execute the Plan.

  • Expect the plan to go off the rails.

  • Adjust the plan.

  • Review


"Using Inexpensive Apps to go Mobile", Kristy Monahan

Kristy will share inexpensive apps to help you go mobile, and how she's been able to be "reconciling from the stands".

Jessica Knuth

"TSheets-New Tools to Strengthen Your Value Add" - Jessica Knuth TSheets Business Development, Accounting

Often it's just knowing that something is possible that gives you the competitive edge, making your clients glad to have you by their side. Jessica will dive into new features and functions in TSheets that will give you one more way to add value for your clients.